Courtney’s Roles:

Pilot / Mechanic:

Courtney’s main role initially was serving as a pilot. After all the years of preparation it was really rewarding to be flying and directly supporting Bible translation projects as well as helping local Papuans with there transportation needs.  As it turned out Courtney was the very last JAARS pilot to fly the Helio overseas (Cameroon retired their last Helio only one week before). The only reason Courtney was the last was because of a valve seat that let lose and needed to be repaired at a remote village The aircraft had to sit in the village a couple weeks before it was repaired.   Below are pics of the repair and the last flight back.

Helio Last Flight

The last Flight of UCA and overseas Jaars Helio flights.

Helio Field Repair

Removing a cylinder in the village.


The Helio aircraft has a storied history in aviation and ministry. “The neatest thing about getting to fly the helio wasn’t the technical part of flying this unique plane,  it was the sense of being part of a team of pilots that God has used all over the globe to spread His Glory through Bible Translation and touch so many lives for so many years with this aircraft”.  Jaars acquired their first Helio in 1955 and PK-UCA (the Helio that Courtney retired) was the first Helio in Indonesia in 1976.  This was the same year that Courtney was born!

Instead of training in the  Turbine Pilatus Aircraft we felt led by God and supported by our leadership to serve full time in the developing of Indonesian Nationals as aviation mechanics and pilots.

UCA serves again!

Although the Helio’s are retired from flight service they are now a useful tool for training Indonesian’s in aircraft mechanics.

helio to training

Lifting the Helio to the training lab on the second floor.

National Training Coordinator:

Instead of training in the Pilatus Aircraft we felt led by God and supported by our leadership to serve full time in the developing of Indonesian Nationals as aviation mechanics and pilots. The job of the training coordinator is to help evaluate and guide the training of Indonesians as pilots and mechanics. Much of this work has been creating a system for mechanic trainees to gain the theory and problem solving skills needed and overseeing training trips to the US. It is very rewarding to see Indonesians grow in the vision of bible translation support as well as the technical skills needed in aviation.



Runway Charts:

One of the other tasks that Courtney has is keeping the runway charts up to date and making sure the inspections are current.  Below is an example of the a runway chart. The Bachelors degree in fine Art has transferred into several Graphic design projects as well as the runway charts digital upgrades.

chart work example

iPads in the Airplane:

The flight department has moved to using iPads to replace all of the paper books.  Courtney was the one to figure out how to manage the iPads and integrate the runway charts for their uses. He was also involved with creating an IFR map that works easily on the iPad as well as a printed version. He then was able to help train and turn over the responsibility to manage the updates with one of our national employees.

New Member Orientation:

Courtney is also helping new members as they arrive to Indonesia. New members arrive two times a year in Java. Orientation teams fly to Java to help the newcomers get settled in to language school.  Courtney has been on three of these trips.


Three new families that came in January 2014

 Dad and Husband

After all the other work is done its full time Daddy Duty. Living in another culture adds a lot of extra stress in your life.  Courtney really enjoys his time with his family. Making special time for each of them is sometimes challenging but Sentani is a great place to live as there are a lot of outdoor things you can do together.

Daddy time

Reading “The book with no pictures”.

daddy ime

Daddy Time

The Future?

Currently we will be in the US reconnecting with our Friends, Family and ministry partners that enable us to do this work.  Courtney’s plans are to get back up to speed as a pilot and get checked out flying the Pilatus Porter after returning to Indonesia early 2016.  He will still be involved in coordinating the National Training program.

Beth’s Roles:


Most of Beth’s time is being a Mother. This is a full time job!  On top of just being the Mom she has also been Homeschooling our kids when needed. Its a lot of work to keep a house going strong.

beth cooking holding baby

Beth cooking while holding baby David.

National Training

Beth has  helped Courtney in national training by teaching some English classes to several of the trainees.  She hopes to do more of this in the coming years when our kids are all going to school full days.


Beth has been helping to get the word out and distribute the Papuan Malay Bible translation project.

Beth Bible sale

Beth helping distribute Bibles

New Families and Odds and Ends

Beth helps a lot with new families that arrive in Papua after completing language school. She is also finding all kinds of ways to help out with hospitality and meeting some basic needs for translation teams such as making big batches of granola, babysitting, shopping etc.