Why Airplanes

Rugged geography, swamps, thick rain-forests and a  lack of roads means that aviation is the only viable connection for hundreds of people groups in Papua Indonesia.  There are around 300 villages that relay on aviation as there link to the outside world.

why-airplanes-jungle--bridgIn developed areas of the world the use of small aircraft is a luxury that few can afford, but for remote tribal people in rugged areas of the earth the use of airplanes is a necessity that they can’t afford to be without.

Did you know that thousands of people on earth today live in a town or village with no road?  These people want to be connected with the outside world. In many cases a half hour to an hour plane ride takes up to two weeks on foot.

When a pregnant women gets complications or a man gets appendicitis (easily treated at a hospital) they would have to walk for two weeks with there condition.  The reality is that these people die from easily treatable ailments without an aircraft to evacuate them to a Hospital.

The process of Bible Translation takes a big team and lots of checking with colleagues.  Without airplanes in these areas translation projects would not happen.  The airplane not only speeds translation projects it opens up otherwise unreachable areas.