Instruction Overload Syndrome

The instructors for our orientation were wonderful.  It was a privilege to fly with men that had served overseas already and are now working hard to prepare others to go.  I was truly blessed to receive all this instruction and feel prepared to head overseas.  The staff really did work very hard to sharpen our aviation skills as well as set an example of servant hood.  We also had a good time teasing and joking a bit as this picture shows.

Airplanes Airplanes Airplanes


Courtney is excited to be around airplanes again! Their are six orientees’ this year; four pilot mechanics, one pilot only, and one mechanic only. It is exciting to learn together and be with others who have also been working towards this goal for many years. Right now we are getting an in depth look at the Cessna 206 and Helio airplanes.  Wherever we get assigned we will see one of these airplanes there.  This means a lot of class time reviewing systems and learning from experienced mechanics about how to maintain these airplanes for rough air fields in the tropics.  We are also learning about JAARS policies and procedure as well as how they have modified certain components and parts to suit our operation.  Many people have been asking me “why the Orientation is so long (4 months) since I have been working in aviation so long already?”  I still have a lot to learn as a pilot and mechanic.  It is comforting to get a thorough orientation on the specific airplanes and to have plenty of time to master the flying techniques for jungle airstrips. By covering so much now it will make adjusting to our initial assignment easier where we will be dealing with so many cultural adjustments.

Settled in North Carolina

We are all settled in and attending classes.  God has been so good to us in this transition.  We were planning on renting a car to do our shopping and going to church. During the first class the instructor asked if anybody didn’t have a car with them and we raised our hand.  During the next break four diffirent couples offered us thier car and one couple has an extra car with them so we can get out when we need to.  Praise God he supplies all our needs.  We are also excited to take on this Culture class and sense that God will stretch and grow us a lot through this course.

A Great Flight

Praise God we had empty seats on our flight from Portland to Newark,NJ.  The  girls did great and even got thier naps right on schedule!! Best yet, when we got to the baggage claim our bags were sitting there waiting for us! With our jogging stroller to push everything around in, it was the easiest traveling we’ve ever had! We felt God’s hand in the whole thing!  We  even talked with a missionary to Brazil while on our layover in Newark. Thank you for your prayers,we felt them on this trip!


On The Road Again

jean_lloyd_girsl.jpgOur travels have taken us from Jefferson to Spokane to Bend and Back to Jefferson again.  We’ve spent this last month enjoying our family and friends. It has been so special to be together before we go on to North Carolina. Adelaide got to meet Great Gramps and Grandma for her first time in Bend, OR. Then we arrived back in Jefferson to be with the Zehr family and our church family – Abundant Life Center. We will fly out of Portland, OR on Jan 16th on our way to Waxhaw, NC at the JAARS center.

Snow In Spokane / Welcome to our very own Website!


We are getting settled in for the month in Spokane and have been having a great time being with friends and family.  On December 9th we shared at Zion Christian Center.  It went well and we felt very encouraged by everybody.  On the 14th we shared with the entire freshman class at Beths highschool (Northwest Christian).  We are excited to be able to share our hearts about bible translation full time.  Our plan is to update this site regularly to keep you informed about what we are doing in life and ministry.  God Bless and thanks for taking the time to check in on us.