Arrival in Indonesia!

We have made it safe and sound and are busy getting adjusted to life here.  We have a nice house to stay in for a few weeks as we look for our own home to rent.  We have many things to do and don’t have regular access to the internet so we may not have frequent updats for a while.  Please pray for us as we are in this transition.

Sharing in Vernonia

We have been very blessed with a busy speaking schedule.  We have been driving a lot on the weekends and making lots of new friends.  Below are some pics from our trip to Vernonia. 


Great to be Home

Silver-Creek-fallsWe are back in the  Northwest.  It has been great to see everybody and we even had a chance to go to Silver Creek Falls.  We have been busy with two family reunions  the last two weekends.  We will be in Oregon until August when we will be heading up to Spokane and start  figuring out what to do with the rest of our stuff.

Orientation is Complete

Orientation guys cutout

Praise God we have completed another step towards going overseas.  Courtney complete the aviation orientation last Friday.  It was a great experience and wonderful instruction to prepare for remote overseas service.  We will be returning to the Northwest this Thursday June 26.  We are really looking forward to seeing everybody.  We will be back and forth all summer and fall between Spokane WA and Jefferson OR.  Our full tine job until we leave this December will be to complete our Partnership team.