Airplanes Airplanes Airplanes


Courtney is excited to be around airplanes again! Their are six orientees’ this year; four pilot mechanics, one pilot only, and one mechanic only. It is exciting to learn together and be with others who have also been working towards this goal for many years. Right now we are getting an in depth look at the Cessna 206 and Helio airplanes.  Wherever we get assigned we will see one of these airplanes there.  This means a lot of class time reviewing systems and learning from experienced mechanics about how to maintain these airplanes for rough air fields in the tropics.  We are also learning about JAARS policies and procedure as well as how they have modified certain components and parts to suit our operation.  Many people have been asking me “why the Orientation is so long (4 months) since I have been working in aviation so long already?”  I still have a lot to learn as a pilot and mechanic.  It is comforting to get a thorough orientation on the specific airplanes and to have plenty of time to master the flying techniques for jungle airstrips. By covering so much now it will make adjusting to our initial assignment easier where we will be dealing with so many cultural adjustments.

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