Every Day Has God’s Purposes

One of the main purposes of flights for Yajasi (name of the Indonesian Christian organization we fly for on Papua island) is to provide transportation for workers who translate the Bible in remote villages.

Here, Courtney flew some friends of ours. They are a family of five and have lived in the interior village for over three years now assisting in church planting but primarily in translation.

This day was a refreshing reminder for me of why we are here in Papua and why Yajasi is flying. Many of Courtney’s flights are for public passengers and food/supplies. Not every village we fly to has a Christian worker.

At the end of the day when I commented to Courtney about this, he didn’t think it as remarkable. He reminded me that every flight has purpose and God has His way of showing His glory – through average days, through flights with public passengers who need Jesus, through delivering supplies that were ordered, through any way He chooses. We can’t rate the importance of one flight from another. All have God’s purposes in it.

May you also seek God and ask that He will be glorified in your lives and His light spill out to those around you!

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