Table of Contents

What’s on or around your dining table? Does yours get as cluttered as mine? Our table is not only a place for dining, but a collection spot. It’s a table of contents.  Its contents are varied and multiple. 

The contents that must stay on the table (and be re-supplied) for our family are:

  • napkins (but if those are out of stock in the store, then simply use Kleenex), 
  • soy sauce (goes good with rice. Kikkoman is the only brand for us!)
  • fried red onions in a jar
  • salt and pepper
  • sugar for tea time
  • Chocolate sprinkles for toast in the mornings (yes, a splurge, but better than sugar bombs cereals)

On a usual day there are school bags and homework, books and empty lunch sacks, water bottles and school shoes underneath. All of which must be removed before we can start dinner. Important papers and ‘ready to throw away papers’ all get piled here too. 

There are unusual contents on the table, at times, such as a child’s bug collection dumped on his way into the house.

Always fun to find a Goliath beetle or rhino beetle! Somewhere in that plastic container is a caterpillar too. Or did it crawl out in the night?

It’s not only the children that supply contents.  Just this last week, I found a plastic bag of rocks while clearing the table before dinner. When I asked whose they were, I was surprised (but not too surprised) that my husband said they were his and he collected them from the village he flew to that day. They were on the side of the airstrip.

He loves nature and interesting things. Black, flat, and somewhat sparkly, these rocks are different and interesting, aren’t they?

I suppose I add contents to the table too. But mine hardly count because I clear it off the table myself. ;) 

This is what my table looks like today. What’s with the hygienic mask? Whose is that?

If I’m looking for my lost cell phone or anything misplaced, I may find it there….at the table of contents.

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