There are Bends in the Pathway

I like paths. I like pictures of pathways and trails.
I like taking pictures of paths.
I captured several while hiking Silver Creek Falls.


I like it because it speaks of our journey in life. The course is set ahead of me. I’m moving forward. I’m leaving behind me what has been and continuing ahead.


Just like the photo featured here, there are bends in the trail and we can’t see clearly what is ahead. That’s how I am feeling lately. While we have plans to return to Papua, Indonesia around late January or in February, it’s just not set and scheduled yet. I can’t see clearly when we will arrive.

God placed that bend in the path. He didn’t need for me to see what’s ahead just yet.  

There are many things that need to come in line and first is receiving our visa from the Indonesian government allowing us to live and work in their country. Once we receive the visa, we submit it to the US Consulate. When they sign off on it we then have 90 days to enter Indonesia. At the start of that 90 day count-down we’ll get our plane tickets booked and get serious about packing with plans to leave as soon as possible (not waiting out the 90 days). So, it won’t be until later on that we’ll know when we go. I’m challenged to be okay with that and not be overly concerned.

I’m quite happy to be in the US and to enjoy all that is around me – my family, my home churches, my dearest friends ever, the outdoors and landscape, cooler weather, and the holidays here at home! And I’m quite happy to be in Indonesia as well with the friends there and the work we do. It’s the timing and temporary living that gets unsettling. Transitions are undoubtedly ahead and I can’t ascertain when they’ll be coming!

But the Christian walks by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). The journey of walking with Christ is what it’s all about.

I want to walk well today, in faith, with Jesus Christ when I don’t see what’s ahead.

God placed that bend in the path. He didn’t need for me to see what’s ahead just yet. Same goes for you! ;)

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