Out With The Old

It’s time to say good bye to this tired back pack.809

It has served us well, but I have no regrets putting it aside. It’s frayed and torn up in places, the grip handle on top is broken, and one strap doesn’t adjust anymore. The strap is tied in a knot to fit Courtney’s strong build.

This back pack was a gift to me for my bridal shower in August 2003. My mother-in-law gave it to me and it was the back pack I registered for, actually. You might think it an odd wedding gift, but it was practical and just the one we wanted!

Courtney and I spent our honeymoon in Hong Kong and hiking Lama Island nearby, then joined our church’s missions trip to the Philippines to serve at a children’s school located in the mountains. This back pack has been put to use since then.

When I emptied the back pack for the last time after one of Courtney’s recent trips, I thought back to all the places this back pack has been. After the initial trip, it has also been with us to Java, Papua (and while in Papua it goes with us to the beach, to the mountains, to the city, to the immigration office and grocery shopping, and Courtney is usually using it while riding a motorcycle), Bali, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, and of course, the good ol’ USA.

It’s held up through hundreds of metal detectors, conveyor belts and searching. It’s been through pailfulls of sand, miles of road debris, and gallons of sweat soaking through it.

It’s carried a laptop, spare clothing, baby diapers and wipes and bottles and pacifiers, groceries, Starbucks vias and our most important documents.

I thought back to old traveling trunks that have tourist bumper stickers labeled on them.  I used to think they ruined a good looking trunk, but now I can see why someone would decorate with the reminders of where the trunk has traveled to. Most importantly, where the traveler had been with their trusty luggage.

Image result for travel trunk stickers

It amazes me to think of where my back pack and I have been these last 12 years along with my family too. I wonder where the next 12 years will bring me and whether I should start collecting city stickers.

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